Pedestrian Accidents

Posted on by Richard Koch

images[3]Every year tens of thousands of pedestrians are struck by automobiles in the United States. Almost half of all pedestrian accidents happen after school as children are crossing streets or walking away from their bus stop. Because pedestrians are so very vulnerable, pedestrians accidents often result in death or serious injury.

As a driver, always observe posted speed limits, especially near schools or when children are present. Yield the right-of-way to pedestrians, even when they are crossing against the light or being inattentive. Keep your eyes on the road and not on your cell phone or on other devices that can distract you.

As a pedestrian, always pay careful attention to traffic. Be aware that some drivers will not see you because they are distracted or not looking. Other drivers may be speeding or ignoring traffic signs. As a parent, teach your children to exercise extreme caution when crossing the street or playing near traffic.

Accidents involving pedestrians, and especially those with children, can be heartbreaking. With just a little effort, most pedestrian accidents can be prevented.