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Koch & Brim: Personal Attention for Every Client

There are a lot of law firms in southern Nevada that handle personal injury cases, but very few offer you personal attention from your attorney when you contact or visit the law firm. While we have an excellent staff, Mr. Brim or Mr. Koch will personally meet with you during your consultation and at other times during your case, will plan and direct the handling of your case, will discuss your case with you over the phone when you call, and will personally negotiate your case.

Many law firms assign all or most of these duties to staff members. At our law firm, Mr. Koch or Mr. Brim will do these things. We prefer this approach because it allows us to keep in touch with our clients and stay informed throughout the case. In the end, we are confident that handling your case this way will bring about the best result for you.

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At Koch & Brim, our clients are the reason we do personal injury work. Las Vegas personal injury lawyers William Brim and Richard Koch want to hear your story firsthand. We want to make sure that every negotiation has the benefit of our experience and legal knowledge. When you have been injured, that’s the kind of service you need and deserve.

  • good case evaluation is essential. Our experience, our knowledge of medical issues and our focus on working directly with our clients enable us to provide accurate case evaluations.
  • Our eyes are always on the case. We don’t farm the case out to our staff. Your case will have an attorney who manages all aspects of your case from start to finish.
  • You need to know what’s going on and have your questions answered. We keep our clients informed about progress, and we answer your questions when you call us.
  • We keep our case load manageable, so that every case gets the attention it needs.
  • Thorough case preparation helps us work toward fair and timely settlements.
  • Our accident lawyers in Las Vegas handle the full range of personal injury cases, including car and truck accidents, accidents on private property, dog bite attacks and accidents involving construction vehicles.
  • We also represent people injured while visiting Las Vegas as well as those who reside in southern Nevada.

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Koch & Brim represents clients in Las Vegas, Henderson and communities throughout southern Nevada. Contact us for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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At Koch and Brim, you will work directly with an actual attorney from the very start of your case.
Portrait of Koch and Brim smiling in black suits - Las Vegas personal injury lawyers