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Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorneys

There are a lot of personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas, Henderson, Clark County and the surrounding areas of southern Nevada. How do you select the law firm that is right for your personal injury claim? Below are some reasons why it’s the best option to have the Las Vegas personal injury attorneys of Koch & Brim, LLP handle your case.

Every client gets personal attention

At Koch & Brim a lawyer — not a staff member — will meet with you and personally handle your case. Whether your case is regarding a Las Vegas car accident, motorcycle accident, wrongful death, or any of the other practice areas that our injury attorneys specialize in. We understand that each case is unique and needs to be planned and pursued in a way that brings about the best result for you. Only an experienced lawyer can do that and our law firm’s past results and track record speak for themselves. Our legal team offers free consultations and contingency-based fees for all personal injury claims.

Offering years of personal injury experience

Our injury attorneys offer over 42 years of law experience. They understand Nevada law and have handled many different types of Las Vegas personal injury cases for their clients . You can see our client testimonials here. Whether your injury case is a car accident, pedestrian accident or even a premises liability case, we can help fight for you!

Trusted Las Vegas Injury Lawyers

We have gained a great reputation in Nevada and have accreditations from the Nevada State Bar Association, Clark County Bar Association, Nevada Justice Association, The Million Dollar Advocates Forum, and Martindale Hubbell to name a few. We represent clients throughout southern Nevada and Clark County, including the cities of Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Boulder City, Mesquite and more. Contact us for a free consultation and case evaluation with an experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorney.



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Case Results

Our goal is to bring about the best possible result for our clients as soon as possible. We work directly with our clients to pursue a case strategy that will bring about the maximum recovery.

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motorcycle accident

Seven figure structured settlement for motorcycle accident victim after successful trial.

truck accident

Seven figure settlement for commercial truck accident victim with back surgery.

premise liability

Seven figure structured settlement for victim of condo complex fall.

client testimonials

"Wonderful! Awesome! Bill Brim and his staff are caring and compassionate. They took care of every little detail and I am so happy I chose them."


"They were very helpful throughout my case. Bill always called to check up and make sure I was doing okay after my accident. Always had great communication with me all throughout. Great experiences with Koch & Brim!"


"I was very satisfied with the services of your office, whether it be your professionalism or attention to details. If in the event I require your services again in the future, you can be sure that this office will be my first stop. Thank you very much."


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Every personal injury lawsuit will have unique elements that will make it differ from other cases. However, there are some primary factors that will be considered in determining the amount of compensation to pursue for accident victims. They are as follows:

Pain or Suffering. If your personal injury has left you with long or short term discomfort, you can factor this into your financial compensation. Even if the pain is emotional, the Las Vegas injury attorneys at Koch & Brim can help you determine what you are entitled to.

Medical Bills. Even very minor injuries can rack up extensive medical bills. You might need to consider not only the previous medical expenses, but also factor in any additional medical treatments that you will need for your injuries.

Loss of Wages. If your injuries are severe enough, they might keep you from returning to your previous job functions in the same capacity. If you were forced to take an extended period of time off of work to recover, you can factor in the missing wages and loss of earning capacity.

How Can a Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney Help?

It can be critical to hire an attorney to represent you during a personal injury claim in Las Vegas. The insurance company that receives your claim does not want what’s best for you or your family. Insurance companies are for-profit organizations that put themselves before their clients. This can make it difficult to recover the financial compensation that you require for your medical bills. An attorney, on the other hand, works for you. Your personal injury attorney will go the extra mile to maximize your financial recovery.

With a Las Vegas injury attorney from Koch & Brim by your side, you can focus on healing from your injuries while we take care of the rest of your claim for you. Our law firm is equipped to handle personal injury cases including:

  • Comprehensive accident investigation
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Determining the defendant(s)
  • Preserving and collecting evidence of fault
  • Hiring qualified experts
  • Compelling storytelling
  • Aggressive insurance settlement negotiations
  • Going to trial, if necessary

Our personal injury firm has experience going up against powerful and intimidating adversaries, including Fortune 500 companies, major corporations and insurance providers. The Koch & Brim legal team isn’t afraid of doing what’s necessary for clients, even if that means going to court and standing up to big insurance companies. That being said, we are settlement-minded and use our attention to detail to find the best possible resolution for each case and client.

Found Out Who Is Liable for Your Las Vegas Personal Injury

A Las Vegas personal injury attorney can also help you by determining who is liable, or legally and financially responsible, for your accident. Our lawyers can return to the scene of your accident, hire highly qualified experts and take many other steps to identify all negligent parties. Naming multiple defendants means more insurance coverage may be available. Then, we will search for compelling evidence to prove your case and hold these parties accountable.

Establishing Negligence in a Las Vegas Personal Injury

What is negligence? – In a Las Vegas personal injury case, there usually exists a responsible party that failed to meet certain safety requirements and resulted in the accident or injury. This is considered “Negligence.” If the courts determine that the responsible party failed to meet these requirements, then the victims involved would be liable for damages. The easiest example of this is car accidents. Partial fault can also be a factor in cases in Nevada, so a percentage of fault would have to be determined for both parties, and factored into the compensation amounts.

Negligence has four elements: duty of care, breach of duty, causation and damages. A duty of care is an obligation to act in a reasonable and prudent manner to prevent injury to others. A breach of duty refers to any act or omission that does not fulfill the accepted duty of care. Causation is proof that the defendant’s negligence caused the plaintiff’s injury. Damages refer to the losses suffered by the plaintiff because of the accident or injury.

Our Las Vegas personal injury lawyers are selective in the cases that they accept. This enables our law firm to dedicate our full attention to each case. No matter what unique elements your personal injury case involves, we will tailor our legal services to pursue a resolution that works for you and your family. We are passionate about helping clients fight for compensation.

Types of Injury Law Cases We Represent in Las Vegas

The personal injury attorneys at Koch & Brim have been practicing personal injury law for decades. Our legal team has helped clients through many different types of civil claims and lawsuits over the years. We understand Nevada’s personal injury laws as they apply to different injury case types and how to correctly navigate them. The list of cases that we accept includes, but is not limited to:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Pedestrian and bicycle accidents
  • Bus accidents
  • Taxi and rideshare accidents
  • Drunk driving accidents
  • Hit-and-run accidents
  • Parking lot accidents
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist accidents
  • Dog attacks/dog bite injuries
  • School and daycare injuries
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Private/gated community accidents
  • Wrongful death claims

Don’t see your type of case on this list? Contact us to speak directly to an attorney about your recent accident in Las Vegas. We have decades of legal experience across numerous practice areas. We can connect you to vital resources and information in the confusing aftermath of any type of accident in Nevada.

What to Do After Experiencing a Personal Injury

As an accident victim, your main concern is (and should be) your physical well-being and safety. You may not realize, however, that there are steps you should take to better protect your rights and build a personal injury claim. Taking the right actions can help you recover fair financial compensation for your Las Vegas injury accident. Here’s what to do:

  • Get immediate help. The severity of your injuries may not be immediately apparent. Call 911 to request paramedics or go to a hospital right away for a full checkup.
  • Report the accident. If you do not notify law enforcement about your accident, tell someone else, such as an employer or supervisor if your injury occurred at work.
  • Exchange information. If your accident involved another party, such as a driver in a car accident case, exchange contact and insurance information.
  • Do not admit fault. Never confess to having caused an accident in Las Vegas. Instead, wait for investigators to determine the cause.
  • Document your accident. Take photos while you are still at the scene of the accident and speak to eyewitnesses to collect statements.
  • Notify your insurance company without delay. Contact your insurance provider to inform them of the accident.
  • Obtain your accident report. Request a copy of your accident report by contacting the local police department and giving them your report number.
  • Continue documenting your recovery. After receiving medical care, continue documenting your injuries, doctor’s appointments, medical bills, treatment plan and recovery.
  • Do not sign anything until speaking to a lawyer. Once you accept an insurance settlement, you cannot renegotiate for a higher amount.
  • Contact us for a free case consultation. Always speak to an attorney about a potential personal injury lawsuit to find out if you need legal assistance.

It is always recommended to seek medical attention immediately after experiencing a personal injury, just in case there are any major or unforeseen complications. That being said, you should contact an injury lawyer as soon as you safely can. A lawyer can take on necessary communication with the insurance company and all other parties while you focus on getting medical care.

Be sure you don’t wait too long, though. There is a limited period of time called the Statute of Limitations, in which you can legally submit a claim for personal injuries. In the state of Nevada, the standard statute of limitations for filing a personal injury case is 2 years, according to Nev. Rev. Stat. § 11.190(4)(e) (2016). For a Las Vegas wrongful death claim, it is also 2 years, according to Nev. Rev. Stat. § 11.190(4)(e) (2016). Begin your claim as soon as possible to avoid missing your deadline and losing the ability to file.

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If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident in Las Vegas, either as a resident or vacationer, the personal injury lawyers at Koch & Brim, LLP are here to help. Our lawyers care about their clients and are passionate about helping you seek justice for injuries caused by someone else’s negligence. Discuss your case with one of our Las Vegas injury attorneys at no cost or obligation today. Call us at (702) 451-3900 or contact us using the form below.

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