Settlements & Verdicts

At Koch & Brim, our goal is to bring about the best possible result for our clients as soon as possible. Some clients are able to wait several years for their cases to resolve and others can not because of needs in their personal lives or families. Each case has its own unique set of facts that makes it different from any other. We work directly with our clients to pursue a case strategy that will bring about the maximum recovery within a time-frame that takes into account each client’s needs and circumstances.

Our accident attorneys serving Las Vegas have enjoyed great success over the years with high client satisfaction in using that approach. Some examples involving a variety of injury cases include:

Other results include:

  • Multiple six figure settlements to accident victims with neck/back injuries
  • Multiple six figure settlements to accident victims with shoulder or knee injuries
  • Hundreds of policy limit settlements where all available insurance was paid to accident victims
  • Multiple settlements where the insurer paid more than the policy limit to accident victims

Don’t let a legal assistant or paralegal prepare your case strategy. You are paying for a lawyer to plan and handle your case. At Koch & Brim, a Las Vegas injury lawyer — not a staff member — will do that for you.