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Trucks and commercial vehicles are large and heavy, and almost always cause serious injury or death. The Las Vegas truck accident lawyers at Koch & Brim, LLP will work to recover a settlement that covers the needs of seriously injured people while they focus on getting medical attention. Contact our team of commercial truck injury attorneys at Koch & Brim, LLP in Las Vegas, NV for a free consultation about your case today!  (702) 451-3900

Attorney William Brim Discusses Truck Accident Cases

Common Mistakes Truck Drivers Make that We Build A Case Around:

Highway trucking accidents: A fully loaded 18-wheeler driving at interstate speeds that crashes can cause terrible injuries and even wrongful death. There are many different factors in these collisions, and a lot of them can be preventable by the truck driver or passenger vehicles. Our Las Vegas personal injury lawyers have summarized these factors as follows:

  • Driver Fatigue. Drivers with tight and/or unrealistic schedules can lead to long driving hours for drivers, which can cause drowsiness.
  • Distracted driving. There are many distractions for a driver on the road, including texting or taking on the phone. Our distracted driving lawyer will help you receive compensation if a truck driver’s negligent actions cause you injures because they were not paying attention to the road.
  • Improper maintenance. Failures to check brakes, fluids and other routine equipment checks can cause malfunctions on the road. Trucking companies are required to keep all their vehicles in perfect working order and keep updated maintenance records.
  • Improper cargo loading. Inexperience in proper cargo securing can cause accidents. Also, if the truck driver decides to load his truck over capacity, it can cause incidents while driving. Trucking companies have set weight limits that they must abide by to be safe on the road.
  • Speeding. Drivers not paying attention to their speedometer, or trying to make up time on the road are common reasons for truck drivers speeding.
  • Poor truck training. Truck drivers are required by law to have proper training and log driving time in order to maintain safety on the road. An inexperienced driver on the road might not know how to handle certain situations on the road, which might result in an accident with other vehicles.
  • DUI with drugs or alcohol. Substance abuse while on the road can seriously impair a driver and increases the chances of fatal accidents. Talk with a drunk driving accident lawyer in Las Vegas if a truck driver is intoxicated when they hit your car.

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Top Causes of Trucking Accidents by Passenger Vehicles our Injury Attorneys Review

  1. Driving in Truck Blind Spots. Many trucks on the road have multiple mirrors or cameras in place to increase visibility around their vehicle, but there are areas around a truck that aren’t visible to a driver.
  2. Passing semi-trucks on the right side. This is especially dangerous when the truck driver is trying to make a right turn.
  3. Merging quickly ahead of a truck. Trucks are extremely heavy, especially when they are loaded with cargo, and it takes a long time for a truck to slow down.
  4. Neglecting Braking Distance. Failing to give a truck driver ample braking distance can cause a collision.
  5. Driving between trucks. With blind spots and wind turbulence, this can lead to a dangerous situation for a passenger vehicle.
  6. Parking on the Side or shoulder of the road. Most trucks are fairly large and require a lot more of the lane for safe passage. Obstructing a lane with a passing truck can lead to a dangerous accident.

Truck Accident Statistics

According to NHTSA data from 2018, in the United States there were 4,951 people killed and an estimated 151,000 people injured in crashes involving large trucks.

Who are the parties usually involved in truck accidents?

According to the NHTSA data, here’s a breakdown of who was killed in 2018 truck collisions:

  • Other Vehicles – 71%
  • Other Truck Drivers – 18%
  • Pedestrians or Non-Occupants – 11%

What are the Top Impact Points on a Truck during Collisions?

  • Front
  • Rear
  • Left Side
  • Right Side

Accidents with Commercial Trucks or Delivery Trucks in Las Vegas

Taking a turn without maintaining the proper lane, backing over pedestrians or bicyclists, pulling out into traffic, failing to see motorcycles, sideswiping cars – all can cause serious injury in a truck accident. At our law firm, our Las Vegas personal injury lawyers negotiate with the insurance company, and, in many cases, with the trucking company.

Obtaining Compensation for Construction Vehicle Accidents

Construction vehicles are heavy and dangerous. They can cause extensive property damage and serious injuries to people who are walking or driving by road or building construction. At Koch & Brim, LLP, our construction vehicle accident attorneys represent people who have been injured in construction vehicle accidents. Multiple liability: Our Las Vegas personal injury lawyers take the time to explore all possible liabilities in an accident to find adequate compensation for serious injuries and wrongful death. In a construction vehicle accident, the construction company, the vehicle owner and the project owner may share liability.

Serious injuries can happen in semi truck accidents

Because of weight and speed, when a truck or commercial vehicle crashes into a car, the injuries are often catastrophic. A spinal cord injury, for example, can require multiple surgeries, cause paraplegia or quadriplegia, and require a lifetime of medical and personal care. Our Las Vegas accident attorneys seek every possible liability and insurance resource to make sure the injured person has adequate compensation.

Commercial insurance

Big trucks are usually insured by commercial insurance companies that do not have a local office. Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge required to find and negotiate with the right insurance personnel.

For our out-of-state clients: If you were injured in a commercial truck crash while visiting Las Vegas, we can represent you.

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