The Importance of Having a Lawyer Personally Handle Your Case

At Koch and Brim, a real lawyer handles your case, from start to finish.

Our clients often complain that at other law offices their cases have been handled by secretaries and paralegals, not by an actual lawyer. Many clients tell us that they never even saw the lawyer they thought they were hiring.

While secretaries and paralegals can be very competent (we hire some very good ones ourselves!) there is nothing like having a real lawyer personally handle your case. Paralegals and office staff do administrative tasks under the direction of a lawyer, but they are not licensed to practice law, and they do not have the same training that a lawyer has.

At Koch and Brim we are a small firm that carefully selects the cases we take. An experienced Las Vegas personal injury lawyer will conduct your initial interview, and if we accept your case a lawyer will handle your case personally, from start to finish. This personal touch is satisfying to our clients, and it can make a great difference in the results.