The Number of Car Accidents in Las Vegas Is Likely to Increase

It is hard to think of anything good about the terrible effect of the COVID-19 virus on the people of Las Vegas last year. Yet there has been at least one “benefit”: the number of car accidents and fatal highway injuries in Las Vegas dropped dramatically in 2020. The obvious reason for the drop in accidents has been that fewer people have been driving their cars during the pandemic. Sadly, much of the reduction in traffic has been either because many people have been out of work or because many business establishments have been closed or have had their business operations restricted.

We at Koch and Brim welcome recent news that the number of deaths and hospitalizations from the virus has been dropping. All of the medical news we have seen lately reflects this decrease in most parts of the county, and we fully expect the pandemic will continue to ease

The Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance recently predicted that the state’s economy is primed for a strong recovery after the pandemic. At Koch and Brim we share the State’s optimism about the future of the Nevada economy. Like everyone we are eagerly waiting for the day when all restrictions have been lifted and we can back to our normal lives.

As we get back to our normal lives traffic will also naturally increase, along with the number of car accidents that occur in busy traffic. We urge all Nevadans to drive carefully and responsibly in 2021. Accidents happen suddenly and unexpectedly, even to good drivers. Now more than ever we encourage everyone to drive defensively.