Tips for Pedestrians Navigating Las Vegas Streets

Las Vegas is a great city to see with all of the flashing lights, entertainers, and bustling. The Strip is one of the most popular areas in the city and consists of a long six-lane avenue. However, with so much traffic and distractions, it can sometimes be dangerous trying to navigate Las Vegas streets.

Stay on Sidewalks

Las Vegas is a very pedestrian-friendly city. It has wide sidewalks and raised pedestrian bridges with escalators, making it easier to navigate. Take advantage of this and stick to the sidewalks wherever possible.

Walk in a Group

It can be safer to travel in a group. You will be more visible to motorists and will have someone watching out for your personal safety. If you have to travel alone, make sure you share your plans with someone in your group.

Only Cross at Crosswalks and Pedestrian Bridges

Do not attempt to get through heavy traffic at the Strip or other congested areas of the city by crossing the street at an unauthorized location. Instead, only cross at crosswalks or pedestrian bridges. You can face fines for jaywalking and will also jeopardize your safety if you do not legally cross the street. Las Vegas is a difficult place to drive with congested traffic and so many distractions, so do not make it even more difficult for them by crossing illegally.

Don’t Walk Distracted

It can be easy to be overwhelmed in a city like Las Vegas. Between the casinos, crowds, live entertainers, attractions, and infinite entertainment choices, you may get excited and even mesmerized by your surroundings. However, it is important for your safety that you are totally alert when walking around the city. Avoid listening to music, talking on your phone, or engaging in other activities while walking. Know your route before you head out and stay focused on it.

Don’t Walk and Drink

While it is legal for those 21 years or older to have open containers of alcohol, it is illegal to have an open glass container of alcohol or another beverage. Additionally, drinking can affect your faculties, including affecting your depth perception, judgment, and reaction time. Therefore, it is best to avoid walking and drinking.

Wear Comfortable Walking Shoes

The Strip itself is over three miles in length, so you need to be comfortable if you plan on walking any significant portion of it. Wear comfortable shoes to walk in. You could pack some thin walking shoes in your bag and switch out to your nighttime shoes after your walk.

Dress in Layers

The temperatures between the resorts and the outside can be widely different, so it is best to dress in layers so you can warm up or cool down as needed.

Bring Water

It is important to stay hydrated while you are walking, especially because the climate is dry heat. This is even more important if you drink more than usual. Pack some extra bottled water on your trip.

Keep Valuables Secure

Keep your valuables safe in a zipped pocket or a cross-body bag. Try to minimize the amount of cash or casino tokens you are traveling with.

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