What Happens When an Unlicensed Driver Hits Your Car?

Even safe drivers can be in accidents.  It is especially frustrating when your car is hit by a driver who doesn’t even have a license.  Sadly, many unlicensed drivers not only don’t have licenses, they also don’t have insurance, leaving you with property damage and or even bodily harm.

What to Do if You’ve Been Hit by an Unlicensed Driver

If you’ve been hit by an unlicensed driver, or if you know someone who has, take the following steps:

1.  At the time of the car accident, do the same things you would have done if you had been in an accident with a licensed driver:

  • Stay calm, and make sure that no one has any life-threatening injuries.
  • As needed, get medical attention.
  • Contact the police, and cooperate with them so they can get all the facts surrounding the accident.
  • Get contact and insurance information (if any) from the other driver.  Ask to see the registration on the other vehicle.  It may be the that unlicensed driver does not own the car he or she is driving.
  • Take pictures of the accident, including pictures of the other driver, pictures of the car (including the license plate), and the location of the cars after the accident.

2.   Following the accident, take these steps:

  • Notify your insurance company about the accident.
  • Find out if your insurance policy includes uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage.  You can find out by looking at a copy of your policy, or by asking your insurance agent.
  • Contact an attorney who can represent you in your possible claim for damages.  It can be confusing to find out what your rights are after an accident, especially with an unlicensed driver.  If the other driver is at fault you may still be able to make a claim against the owner of the car.  If your policy covers uninsured drivers you may be able to get compensation for your own insurance company.

Koch & Brim Can Help

At Koch & Brim, LLP, we have years of experience in handling claims such as yours.  We offer free consultation by phone or in person to discuss your case and to answer your questions.  You aren’t alone!