What if You Are a Passenger in a Car Accident?

It is usually easier for a passenger in a car accident to make a claim for damages  because the passenger did not cause the accident.  If the accident involved two or more cars, at least one of the drivers, and perhaps both of them, contributed to the accident.  If there was only one driver in the accident, then the driver is almost certainly responsible for the passenger’s injuries.

Some people are reluctant to make a claim for their injuries against the driver of their car, even if the driver was to blame.  This is especially true if the driver was a friend or a family member.  However, a passenger should not be shy about making a claim, because the driver bought car insurance for exactly this purpose.  The accident will almost certainly be reported to the insurance company anyway, so the passenger should just go ahead with the claim.  Most drivers who are responsible for an accident feel bad about what happened, and they actually prefer that their passenger make an insurance claim because they want to see their passenger made whole.

A passenger injured in an automobile accident will make their claim just like any other accident claim, except the passenger will be looking to more than one person for their damages.  While the passenger in a two-car accident may not be at fault, the claim still may take some time to resolve if the two drivers can’t agree on who is to blame.

If you are a passenger who has been injured in a car accident, please call the Las Vegas car accident lawyers at Koch & Brim with your questions or concerns. We can help.