How to Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Las Vegas    

If you get injured in a motorcycle accident, you need an experienced attorney to represent you. Car insurance companies often have biases against motorcyclists that can interfere with them receiving the financial compensation that they need. Finding the right lawyer may take time, but it is an important step if you suffered a serious injury in your crash. The right lawyer can make an enormous difference to the outcome of your Las Vegas personal injury case – and your future.

Ask Around

First, look for referrals. Referrals from friends or family members who have had to hire an attorney in the past can help you find one that will meet your goals. Be wary of any referrals sent to you by mail or from someone who showed up at the scene of your accident; some people take advantage of injured victims to promote themselves and push their own agendas. Make sure you do your own research to find the right fit.

Conduct an Online Search

As with many tasks nowadays, your search for a motorcycle accident lawyer in Las Vegas can start online. Search for a “motorcycle accident attorney near you” and peruse the websites of a few top search results. You can also use an accredited website to search for an attorney in Nevada, such as the American Bar Association. Look for a local attorney that focuses on personal injury law and specifically mentions accepting motorcycle accident claims in Las Vegas. Read the law firm’s past case results and client testimonials, as well.

Schedule Free Case Consultations

Narrow down your list of options to two or three top choices. Then, schedule free case consultations with each attorney. Bring a list of questions with you during case reviews. On your list should be questions about the law firm and lawyer, such as their experience with motorcycle accident cases, settlement success rate, whether your claim will be handled by an attorney or paralegal, how often you will be able to communicate with your lawyer, and how much the law firm charges.

Understand Attorney’s Fees

While the cost of an attorney should not be the only factor used to hire one, it is important to understand how the law firm charges clients ahead of time. Do not be afraid to ask about attorney’s fees directly. Many personal injury lawyers operate on a contingency fee basis to keep services affordable for injured accident victims. With this payment arrangement, you will only owe attorney’s fees if the law firm successfully recovers financial compensation for your case. You will pay out of your settlement or verdict won rather than out of pocket.

Bring What You Have

Get the most out of free consultations by bringing all of the information that you have about your motorcycle accident with you on your initial visit. This may include photographs of the crash scene, a copy of the police accident report, your medical bills and records, a copy of your car insurance policy, and any contact information from eyewitnesses that you collected. This information will help the attorneys assess your case and give you a more detailed idea of whether or not they can help.

Trust Your Instincts

Overall, you need a motorcycle accident attorney who is located in Las Vegas, understands motorcycle accident laws, has a history of success and cares about clients. When you are searching for the right attorney for your case, trust your instincts. The Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyer that you select should listen to you and make you feel heard. The lawyer should show compassion and a high level of knowledge about motorcycle accident laws. The right attorney should confidently guide you through your accident claim and put you on the road to recovery.