Las Vegas Truck Accident Lawyer

Working for Maximum Compensation for Those Injured by Trucks or Commercial Vehicles in Nevada

Trucks and commercial vehicles are large and heavy, and almost always cause serious injury or wrongful death. The Las Vegas trucking accident lawyers at Koch & Brim will work to recover a settlement that covers the needs of seriously injured people.

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  • Highway truck accidents: A fully loaded 18-wheeler driving at interstate speeds that crashes can cause terrible injuries and even wrongful death. The cause could be speeding, inattention to road conditions, a tired, drunk or drug-impaired driver, a poorly maintained truck, or objects flying off a flatbed truck.
  • Delivery truck, commercial truck accidents: Taking a turn without maintaining the proper lane, backing over pedestrians or bicyclists, pulling out into traffic, failing to see motorcycles, sideswiping cars – all can cause serious injury. Our Las Vegas personal injury lawyers negotiate with the insurance company and, in many cases, with the company that owns the truck.
  • Serious injuries: Because of weight and speed, when a truck or commercial vehicle crashes into a car, the injuries are often catastrophic. A spinal cord injury, for example, can require multiple surgeries, cause paraplegia or quadriplegia, and require a lifetime of medical and personal care. Our Las Vegas accident attorneys seek every possible liability and insurance resource to make sure the injured person has adequate compensation.
  • Commercial insurance: Big trucks are usually insured by commercial insurance companies that do not have a local office. Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge required to find and negotiate with the right insurance personnel.
  • Out-of-state clients: If you were injured in a commercial truck crash while visiting Las Vegas, we can represent you.