Las Vegas School Injury Lawyer

Schools have some responsibility for safe care when your child is left on the premises. The Las Vegas school injury lawyers at Koch and Brim can help you get compensation if your child was negligently harmed in a school.

Keeping Schools, Preschools and Day Care Accountable

When a child walks into a school or is brought into daycare, parents have a right to expect their child to be safe from harm. When the child is injured at school because of negligence, Koch & Brim in Las Vegas can evaluate the case for a possible personal injury claim. Not every school injury is caused by negligence, but when negligence is involved, talk to a Las Vegas injury lawyer.

Our personal injury attorneys have handled many cases involving school injuries that never should have happened. When the school’s teachers and administrators ignore signs of danger, contact an attorney who can assess the situation and hold the school accountable for injuries caused by negligence.

  • Ignoring danger: When the school or daycare facility has been informed about a dangerous condition on the property it has an obligation to monitor the situation and take action when necessary. Failure to do so can result in serious injuries.
  • Dangerous activities: Safety should come first in school activities. However, supervisors may be negligent when overseeing children, or may not be completely aware of inherent dangers in certain activities.
  • Signing a waiver: Even if you signed a waiver for a field trip or extracurricular activity, that does not always relieve the school of liability. The school has an obligation to act responsibly.
  • Pattern of negligence: When one child after another is injured due to the same unsafe condition, the school has the obligation to fix the problem and may be liable if it does not.

Our Las Vegas school injury lawyer offers free consultations if you believe your child or student was injured because of school, pre-school or day care’s negligence.