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Private/Gated Community Accidents

Protecting Your Rights in Private Property Accidents

We often hear from people who think they probably cannot make a personal injury claim because an accident happened in a gated community or on other private property. Not so. If you have been injured by someone else’s negligence, the at-fault person is liable — no matter where the accident happened.

The duty of due care is everywhere – on city streets as well as the streets of gated communities. When a car backs out of a driveway and hits your car, when a driver fails to see a bicycle and hits the bicyclist, when a pedestrian walking on the shoulder gets hit by a car, the driver is liable for the injuries.

Injuries can occur in so many different ways

You may have been hit by a car in the valet area of a casino or fallen because of broken stairs in a hotel. Or perhaps you were treated with excessive force by security guards or your car was crashed into in a parking lot. Talk to a personal injury attorney at Koch & Brim to find out where you stand. Any time you have questions about your rights, contact a personal injury lawyer.

  • Police investigation: The police generally do not issue citations for accidents on private property, but they can investigate. It is always a good idea to report accidents – especially when injuries are involved – to the police. The report that will be prepared can be helpful in pursuing your claim against the at-fault party.
  • Medical treatment: Your first concern when you have been injured should be medical treatment. Our law firm can help you find a doctor if you do not have health insurance or are not sure where you should go.
  • Personal injury claim: Gated communities and the owners of parking lots, casinos, hotels and other private property often try to minimize accidents – and the liability of the owners and residents. Know your rights and know their obligations to you. Consult an experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorney.

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