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Holding Dog Owners Responsible for Dogs’ Actions

When a dog bites or attacks someone in Nevada, the dog owner is almost always liable. If a dog bit you or someone in your family, or attacked, or even jumped on you causing injuries, talk to a personal injury lawyer about the victim’s rights.

In almost every case, the dogs owner is liable for dog bite injuries.

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Dog bite injuries are serious – both physically and psychologically. The scarring and nerve damage can last a lifetime. At Koch & Brim in Las Vegas, our attorneys handle every dog attack case with the long-term effects in mind.

  • Medical attention: A dog bite or dog attack injury requires immediate medical attention. If you are not sure what doctor to call or if health insurance is a problem, please call our law firm. We will arrange for you to be examined by a capable physician who can treat you right away.
  • Long-term medical needs: Dog bite injuries can cause disfiguring scars that require plastic surgery. Nerve damage can be a continuing problem. And there is often deep psychological pain that requires therapy, especially when children are the victims. Dog attacks can also knock victims to the ground causing broken bones and other injuries.
  • Dog bite injury claim: Dog bite and dog attack victims are often small children and vulnerable elderly people. Insurance companies sometimes offer a quick settlement, but it is a good idea to have a Las Vegas personal injury attorney who understands the medical and psychological issues involved, and who will work for fair and just compensation.

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